Emmerah's Sketchbook
Hi, I'm Emmerah. I love to draw!

Lets see, some stuff about me.
I'm 20 years old, I live in Australia, I'm engaged to one of my favourite people, My favourite colour is blue, My favourite Senshi is Jupiter, I don't eat meat, and I have pretty harsh Rheumatoid Arthritis

I don't really know what else to say now, I guess if you want to know more you should just message me!

If you'd like to help me out a bit, donations are always, always welcome and very appreciated.

First one done! Two more to go. Contest ends tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I’m entering another set if I can finish them on time. If I don’t, at least I’ll have designed some pretty cards xD

EDIT: Updated with the next WIP.

Drew this for a competition going on at Crunchyroll at the moment. Design a Clow Card, get a chance to win Cardcaptor stuff. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favourite Manga/Anime to date, so of course I entered xD This is the version without the clow card border.

I’m really quite proud of this one ^_^

Permission Cards! There’s going to be one for each inner senshi and maybe some others if I can think of things to put on them… Ami’s is a day off, use it for yourself or give it to someone else (write whatever you want on the lines.)

I’m working on a picture for the blank space - just a simple cutesy thing - but for the blank version you can put your own sticker or sketch on.

In case the faint words are un-readable they say “Give yourself (or someone else!) permission for a day off.”
I wanted them to be made so that people could write over them without making things look jumbled, but they might be a bit too faint. I’ll have a fiddle.

Anyway! I hope you like these!

Sketchy thing I’ve been working of for a couple days… This was originally going to be a character sheet for my first 5th ed game, but it ended up like this instead… I’ll keep working on it though. It could become a character sheet yet.

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Lys Willowleaf

Haaaah, I think this is about as done as I’m ever going to get it…. I was going to draw a bunch of picture frames on the wall(s) of Ami and Mako and the other girls, but I just… urghhh. And Ami was going to have a book in her hands (which is why they’re positioned that way) and there was also going to be some shading… But I’m just too tired to finish it.
So this is the best I can turn out. I hope y’all like it anyway.

A work in progress. My hands are making it hard to art recently, so work on art stuff is slow. But I’m still working on art stuff. Thanks for your patience everyone!

So this is what I’ve been working on since I posted Sailor Jupiter.
She’s a girl from a short-ish thing that I wrote (here) for a friend who asked for… I forget the exact circumstance. heh.

We did dolls of the three characters a while back, but I decided to properly design their clothing and draw them.

We also named them at some point, but I can’t find the conversation and neither of us can remember what we ended up with. Her name is Abigail!

Anyway! This is Girl A Abigail in her school Uniform.
Kinda sloppy ‘coz I got lazy and it’s just a design sheet so whatever. Next is a set of casual clothes and then I’ll move onto the next girl.

EDIT: Added casual clothes. Skin colour in the third picture is her legit colour.

And here’s a drawing of my Witchsona for Friday the 13th.

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She’s finished!
My Shadow!Sailor Jupiter.

There isn’t as much uncontrollable rage in there as I’d hoped, but I’ll just say she’s working up to it.

Anyway, that’s the end of this series - I’ll revisit these at some point to add attack effects and stuff, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the final results.

I’m not sure where my ideas for the outers stand as far as this AU is concerned… Would they have joined them? Are they even aware that this has happened? Were they removed from the picture while trying to stop these Shadow!Inners? 

I’m just not sure.

(This entire series was inspired by a post somewhere within the depths of Jet Wolfs blog, and concurrent ones by Moonwhing and Spaceformymindspace)

Okay, so I lied, it’s Friday.
But, finally, here are my lines for Shadow! Jupiter.

Colouring shouldn’t take too long, and I’ll post it as soon as it’s done.
And then I guess it’s effects for these… or onto the next thing.

I accidentally posted this to my main blog.
But I’m lazy, so just reblogging it here.
Oops >_>

Who could it be?

I finished Shadow!Jupiters hair and then realised I hadn’t done the laces on one of her boots. So I’ll probably finish that off tomorrow, and then I can set about actually colouring and finishing this piece.

If I don’t post line art tomorrow I’ll likely do it Thursday, so keep an eye out.

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